About Sweet Chuck

This is Sweet Chuck, our little girl.

While the inspiration for her older brother’s nickname, Seabass, is perhaps a bit less lofty, Sweet Chuck (or S.C.) is named after a term of endearment for the Princess of France in Shakespeare’s comedy, Love’s Labors Lost.

…the king would have me

present the princess, sweet chuck, with some

delightful ostentation, or show, or pageant, or

antique, or firework.

I chose this name above all others because there is something in this child’s mild temperament that is so lovely and sweet, I couldn’t go and give her just any funny ole name.

That being said, I’m delighted that her name also references Chuck Norris, because she, like Chuck Norris, can kick something fierce. I know this from several months’ intimate experience.

Upon discovering our pretty little girl’s nickname, a friend sent this along:

inveterate researcher that i am, i came up with this lovely description of the etimology of “sweet chuck”:

In Shakespeare’s time, “chuck” was indeed a term of endearment. The use of “chuck” to express affection appears considerably less strange when translated to modern English: “Chuck” is an ancient variant of “chicken,” which can be easily understood as a word expressing endearment still today. Knowing that, the term “sweet chuck” explains itself.

The word is listed in “The Hallamshire Glossary” by Joseph Hunter (1811) as follows: “CHUCK. This word has various significations, not referable to the same root. It is a chicken; a term of endearment:

‘Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck / Till thou applaud the deed.’ Macbeth, III.2.”

It is similarly explained in a 1793 edition of “Love’s Labour’s Lost”:

“chuck, i.e. chicken; an ancient term of endearment. So, in ‘Macbeth’:

‘Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck-‘”

The term has not even completely vanished, according to Michael Quinion, who wrote in 2003: “It survives as an endearment in some parts of Britain today, such as Yorkshire and Liverpool, the latter having the vowel pronounced to my ear part-way towards chook (and I’m told that chook is known from various dialects).”

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