Embarrassing Bathtime Photo That Will Haunt Him For Eternity

10 Oct

Caught in the act.

Everyone’s got one.  A shot of themselves in the bath as a kid.  A photo that will make an appearance when new boyfriends/girlfriends come home to meet the parents, in the high school yearbook, in the wedding reception slide show.

But this one has an illicit, creepy, gotcha! quality to it, what with the harsh flash and Seabass’ red-eyed surprise.  Like he’s been caught in Watergate or insider trading.

One Response to “Embarrassing Bathtime Photo That Will Haunt Him For Eternity”

  1. DebbieK. October 10, 2010 at 9:14 am #

    Ha ha ha! My poor eldest daughter was “caught” too in the bathtub with a baby boy her age from play group, well actually 2 baby boys, at different times. Now all 3 are almost 30!! It was cute then. 😀

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