You know it’s time for a new bra when…

17 Jan

…you find the second spider in three weeks crawling around inside your current bra.  You know, the nursing bra that has gone from pristine white to a terrifying shade of grey since you first bought it.  The one you wear because it feels so much better than your old normal bras – more like a gentle hug than a poky punishment.  The one that apparently attracts spiders to call it home, causing you to yelp, jump, and flail like a psychopath in front of your neighbors while casually checking the mail.

That one.

One Response to “You know it’s time for a new bra when…”

  1. Marta January 19, 2012 at 11:17 am #

    If I found spiders in my bra I think I would need a sedative as well as a new bra. How are they getting in there??

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