Three critical differences between this babymoon and the last one.

17 Jul

Some of you may remember a post I once wrote about taking a lovely holiday with Jake before Seabass’ birth.  We called it a “babymoon,” as many people do now.  It was an extraordinary experience, complete with a nice hotel, prenatal massage, shopping, and of course, eating, eating, eating.

Well, it’s a mere two months before Baby #2 arrives, and we are set to take our next babymoon this weekend.  But this will be quite a different affair.  Quite different, indeed.

Difference #1: It’s a “staycation.”  (And please, never ever remind me that I used that awful fake word.)

We thought about taking the trailer to some remote beach, or even swapping houses with someone somewhere exotic.  But in the end, we realized we hadn’t done much of anything in our own backyard since Seabass emerged, so the choice was simple.  Let’s rediscover home!  So we’re staying in a friend’s guest house in Avila Valley.  Not too shabby, trust me.

Difference #2: We’re doing several things that a very pregnant woman has no business doing.

Like golfing.  And hiking to Point San Luis.  And sitting through ten hours of a midnight Batman marathon.  Not joking.

I can barely sit through dinner, let alone ten hours of The Dark Knight. Why am I doing this to myself?  Because I friggin love movies and Batman is one of about four movies on which Jake and I actually agree.

Also, I think I might enjoy pain.  Here is a real email conversation between dear husband and me earlier today:

SUBJECT: batman

From: Jacob Lewis – 8:37 AM (6 hours ago)

It might be about time you make the call on Batman if I’m going to have to find a replacement date.  Maybe you should watch the previews to all three just as inspiration…


SUBJECT: RE: batman

From: Jaime Lewis – 2:34 PM (36 minutes ago)

Here and now, I am foolishly committing to watch the marathon with you.  HOWEVER, I am not promising that I will stay awake throughout it.


SUBJECT: RE: batman

From Jacob Lewis – 2:44 PM (26 minutes ago)

woo-hoo!  I am both excited you’ll be with me, and worried that it could be miserable.  Let’s do our best to provide you with everything you could want:

mmmm.. comfy:


Difference #3: No good food, and less of it, too.

Nothing says “getaway” quite like eating a meal of boiled chicken breast and steamed broccoli, then impaling yourself an hour later to check your blood sugar.  Gestational diabetes, I curse you!!!!

Ah well.  So it’s not quite the Hawaiian vacation we’d dreamed of.  So what?  I’m still beside myself with anticipation of sleeping in, reading the paper with a cup of tea in hand, spending uninterrupted time with Jake and not doing dishes.  Big kudos to Grandma Lewis for making it all possible by caring for the wiley Seabass.

3 Responses to “Three critical differences between this babymoon and the last one.”

  1. Nikki July 17, 2012 at 6:33 pm #

    It’s like I always say, “First pregnancy, Queen of Sheba. Every pregnancy thereafter, is a whole new ball game.” Is it wrong that I’m looking at my upcoming hospital stay with this here #5 as some sort of sick getaway with my husband? Ha ha ha! Enjoy your time with Jake this weekend…we’re getting away without kids for a night too on Friday for our 10 Year. Ours is going to be a staycation as well but at our own house. Why not?

  2. Sara July 18, 2012 at 8:43 am #

    Glad you guys are getting time with each other before the new little one arrives!

  3. Grandma L July 19, 2012 at 10:48 pm #

    How can you use ‘babymoon’ without a qualm, but eschew ‘staycation”?

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