Newsflash? Hardly. Second kid gets the shaft.

29 Oct

So I usually put together a little video for Seabass every time he has a birthday, and my intention was totally to do the same for Sweet Chuck. Only…it never really happened. How is a mother supposed to wipe two noses, two behinds (more on this another time), make enough money to send her kids to the fancy preschool that emphasizes emotional intelligence, wash her hair, train for a half marathon, answer a barrage of kid questions about spiders/space/homeless people, put a healthy dinner on the table every night AND make a birthday video for each child, each year? She’s not. Hence, my tardiness.

Still, I finally managed to pump one out for Sweet Chuck. While she’s been pretty miserable lately with molars emerging, an ear infection, and some classic two-year-old defiance, she’s still my precious little dumpling of love, which shows in every frame. It’s my pleasure to present Sweet Chuck: Year Two. Enjoy!

One Response to “Newsflash? Hardly. Second kid gets the shaft.”

  1. Grandma L October 30, 2014 at 9:09 am #

    Try being the third child. You barely get honorable mention in the family photo album:). Mothers everywhere identify with you. I’m just now up to 1981 in scrapbooking.

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