A whole new method for stalking people on the internet.

3 Dec

Ew, business.

So many of us perform widely varying roles from day to day.  For instance, I’m a wife/mom first, but I also write about food/wine/beer/travel, volunteer in my community and keep this blog for your reading pleasure.  Sometimes I wish I had a digital business card that encapsulated all my different roles into one place.

Enter About.me, a new service I learned of from Maggie Mason at Mightygirl.com.  The folks at About.me call their service a “custom splash page and personal analytics dashboard.”  Whatever.  I think of my About.me page as my home page, where ANYone who has ANY reason to work with me in ANY capacity can find me. Here, have a look.

What’s this “digital business card” good for, you ask?  Well, I plan to add it to my e-mail signature first.  Then I’ll post it to my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. 

And THEN, I’ll paint the URL on the side of our house.  You don’t think that blurs the line between my professional and personal lives too much, do you?

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